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Diabetes Care Club
Beginning September 1, 2016, we will be offering free diabetic blood sugar test strips to diabetic patients that have all their medicines filled with us. Once you sign an enrollment agreement, you will be eligible to receive a free glucometer and up to 100 free test strips per month. These strips can also be delivered with your [...]

Solutions RX
We now offer a line of specially formulated vitamins designed to exceed the recommended daily allowance of certain vitamins.  If you take medication for issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, leg cramps, etc., these vitamins are designed to replace the vitamins and enzymes that prescription medications deplete from your body.  Stop by and ask us [...]

Plavix Is Not For Everyone!
Are you currently taking Plavix®? If so, the following information could save your life. Three out of every ten people taking Plavix should not be. They have a genetic makeup that does not respond to Plavix, multiplying their risk of heart attack or stroke by four times. The Harmonyx Test for Antiplatelets can help by telling you [...]

Nexium 24HR is Now Available Over the Counter
The #1 DOCTOR PRESCRIBED* acid blocker brand is now available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. *Based on IMS Heath data: Total Nexium® prescription 2006-2013.
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