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Photo Center, Prints

From a 4x6 print to a large poster, the Photo Center at Wannamaker Drug provides many digital photo options to capture and preserve your family's memories.

Simply bring in a camera card, portable USB, or CD to download your photos to our kiosk. Color enhancements, cropping, and red eye removal are just a few of the editing features available.

To create prints from older photos, bring in your original photo for scanning and printing. Our friendly staff is always available for assistance.

Visit the Wannamaker Drug Photo Center and receive 1 Free 5x7 Photo.
It's our way of saying "Thank you!"


Photo Packages
4x6 photo package 1.49
5x7 photo package 2.49
8x10 photo package 4.99
11x14 photo package 12.99
11x16 photo package 14.99
12x18 photo package 14.99
16x20 photo package 19.99
16x24 photo package 21.99
24x20 photo package 23.99
22x28 photo package 27.99
20x30 photo package 24.99
24x36 photo package 29.99
See one of our staff members for package details.

11x14 enlargement 9.99
11x16 enlargement 10.99
12x18 enlargement 13.99
16x20 enlargement 16.99
16x24 enlargement 19.99
20x30 enlargement 24.99
22x28 enlargement 27.99
24x20 enlargement 23.99
24x30 enlargement 26.99
24x36 enlargement 29.99

Greeting Cards
4x6 greeting card 0.99
5x7 greeting card 2.49

Custom Posters
8x10 poster 3.99
8x12 poster 4.99
11x14 poster 9.99
11x16 poster 10.99
12x18 poster 13.99
16x20 poster 16.99
16x24 poster 19.99
18x24 poster 23.99
22x28 poster 27.99
20x30 poster 24.99
24x20 poster 23.99
24x24 poster 25.99
24x36 poster 29.99
24x48 poster 34.99
24x60 poster 39.99
24x72 poster 44.99
24x84 poster 49.99

Custom Calendar 4.99
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